Life According to Emmy

Emmy’s Respect for Spring

Emmy loves how resilient spring is.
Summer has it easy. In summer, wildlife is simply required to appear. Whatever its aesthetic technicalities, the hazy warmth and sparkling sunshine make it dazzle.
Spring nature, on the other hand, is the most hardy. It cannot get away with battening down the hatches and burrowing away – that’s the preserve of the lucky autumn and winter. Instead, the wildlife of spring must grin and bear the elements, despite conditions being far below favourable. The rain may be lashing, the wind still biting, even the snow persisting; but still, the essence of  spring – new life – must soldier on.
Nothing says determination like buds, petals and stems pushing through waterlogged ground, rotten leaves and unforgiving frost.
For this, she admires spring. Summer is glory-seeking and insubstantial, autumn and winter are (endearingly) timid, but spring is inspiring.